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Post by Vita

Hi. My name is Vita, and I created this forum partly to see if I could design an attractive site (shout out to the staff at Forumotion for helping with coding) , but mainly because I saw a niche for a dog forum that's simple, creative, artsy, fun yet informative, and very relaxing. Thus an idea was born, and now it's one of those "we'll see" if it draws people who like it.

Bella is my 9 month old toy poodle.  I also have huge three year old  Siamese cat named Misha. I waited a long time before I got Bella, whom I brought home when she was 10 weeks old. I like poodles in particular because they tend to train easily, don't shed, and have style when they walk. Like all toy breeds, she doesn't eat or eliminate as much and is portable. I can pack her up in her carry-bag and go shopping without hardly a soul noticing it's not a second purse over my shoulder.

Here's Bella this past Thanksgiving, providing therapy to the turkeys as they awaited the news if they'd get a Presidential Pardon:

Hi from Vita Bella_11

Considering that she was a Bernie fan, I was surprised she got that job. She was really too young for it, and when she had an accident she was told she was a leaker and got fired.

And this is when she changed her mind about her New Year's resolution, and her partner in crime Misha is fine with it:

Hi from Vita 15_bel10

So this is a tad longer than usual Intro post; hope to see you around!

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Post by Ali

Hey Mom! Nice little forum you put together. Im amazed you pulled this off seeing how low tech are, but I know you love dogs, nature, people and the Internet. That's a perfect combination for you.  I'll log in from time to time and hope your forum grows.

Me and Gibby are doing fine. Im still struggling doing the chef life and you'd have loved this.

Hi from Vita Shrimp10


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