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Post by Vita
Simple & Funny Forum Rules Scroll11

Please use common sense when posting.

Treat other members as kindly as you'd like to be treated. In other words, don't be a hater, at least not here. Derogatory comments about someone or some group based on their gender orientation, race, religion, or country will get you banned.

Simple & Funny Forum Rules Cyberb10
Meme by Vita

This is a humor dog forum. In general, no cussing with one important exception: if it's part of humor, i.e., a meme, witty blog post, short story, etc, it will probably be okay as long as it uses a non-vulgar cuss word to emphasize the point.  

Simple & Funny Forum Rules Cussin10
Meme by Vita

Don't cuss at other members, however, or call them stupid, ignorant, etc., or do the sneaky kind of name-calling like saying certain ideas they have are stupid (so defacto they must be stupid). That will get you a warning, to getting banned depending on the severity. The smart thing to do is point out your opinion (or the facts with a link) and why you think this is the better viewpoint.  You might actually win them over. And if not, so what?

Revealing personal information of other members that they have not added to their profile will get you banned. This includes their real name, address, phone number, place of employment, and sensitive information that would embarrass or piss off the average person. Likewise impersonating someone will get you not only banned, but your IP address reported. If this sounds like your M.O., we don't need the stress. Go away.

Simple & Funny Forum Rules Snake210
Original photo & meme by 'Noodle' on Reddit (link)

Also important is to remember that libel suits are no joke. If a member says, "I want to buy a fluffly, poodley-type puppy. Does anyone here know about a breeder named Cockadoodleroodles?"  And you say, "I think they're the ones who sell ferrets on steroids made to look like poodles." Something like actually happened.

Simple & Funny Forum Rules Ferret10

But it wasn't by a breeder with a business named Cockadoodleroodles, and they'll see you in court.

Simple & Funny Forum Rules Judgej10

Do not use the forum to advertise puppies where the pup's parents have not been DNA tested and cleared for health problems and genetic diseases. This is a pretty high standard, but I sleep better at night with a clear conscience. No one wants their new puppy to go blind, develop hip dysplasia, etc. a few years down the road because the breeder didn't know better or was too cheap to test. If you are a conscientious breeder and would like to advertise, PM me with links to the DNA lab and if applicable, the OFA to verify.  

Spam Drama: Spammers are sneaky. They register as members on a forum, then make a post with a link such as getrichhere.suckers.  To reduce this nonsense, in the first week after registering, new members will not have workable links. Sucks, but so do spammers.

Simple & Funny Forum Rules Spamjo10
Meme by Vita

If you see spam or other problematic behavior, feel free to report it to an Admin.


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