Guidelines for free exposure of your arts & crafts for the sellers

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Guidelines for free exposure of your arts & crafts for the sellers Empty Guidelines for free exposure of your arts & crafts for the sellers

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This is a free, complimentary section for members who are small animal artists wanting others to know about their merchandise. Sales must be through a legal website like Cafe Press, Etsy, etc., with a verifiable web address. 

The only thing I ask in return is I hope you post periodically something that interests you and that might interest other members.  It could be the medium you use, your experiences, your story to tell, or your dog.  It need not be detailed or long.  And, at your discretion (no pressure), mention this forum on your social media or to friends so other dog and animal lovers and artists will have a place to enjoy talking about their pets and/or their passion.

Art, crafts, or photographs for sale must be 'family friendly', and the site that sells the merchandise must be well known, reputable, legitimate, and safe.

Why am I doing this?

To draw members here who like what I like: conversation, particularly about dogs.  It's relaxing for me to get away from the problems of the world and the job stresses, to chill out with topics that generally don't cause conflict.  I'm not super social in real life and don't use social media much except with family, so this little forum is pretty much off the radar. I love all things creative, along with science, and can see the value in helping out others. 

Best Print-on-Demand Websites: The Definitive 2018 Guide

Top Sites Like Etsy

Miscellaneous Fine Print:

To protect myself and members, this forum reserves the right to delete a member account and/or posts if something doesn't doesn't feel right about it, i.e., ripoff artist, sketchy website that sells merchandise, etc. 

Members and visitors in turn, are responsible for their online choices in purchasing from any seller. 

Artsy Fartsy Dog Forum and/or it's owner is not responsible if the seller's website (for example, Deviant Art, ArtPal, Cafe Press, Etsy, Society 6, Amazon, Redbubble, etc.) has their data hacked.

This link should be helpful.  Should I Buy from This Site? How to Know if a Website is Secure

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